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What might keep you up at night is the quality of the company you choose, their experience and whether they can deliver of their promises

Delivering a high quality, seamless mobile bar for a high-volume event is no easy task, but here are a few things to consider to make sure you pick right team to make your event really memorable

The Size of Your Event

There are very few companies that can deliver quality at volume. This is critical as an event bar can fall apart if not properly managed, the volume of stock is not correct, the drink quality drops, the staff quantity is not correct. Be sure that you are getting the correct advice and if you don't feel 100% confident before the event, there is likely to be a problem

How Experienced Is Your Supplier?

This goes for any events company you work with from marquees, mobile bars and caterers. It is very important you do your homework and find out how long the mobile bar hire company has been established. You will also get a feel from the website to the person who picks up the phone about the professionalism of the bar company

The key to live events and their delivery is professionalism but most importantly experience. CRAFTBAR is a close relative in the Bears Pantry family – Yorkshires hottest event catering company with a reputation for creating food memories, fantastic service and a no-nonsense can-do attitude. CRAFTBAR is born out of that pedigree with the same innovative approach and principles


Suffice to say you do get what you pay for so ensure that as well as staying in budget you also pay for the quality of service you expect. A high-quality mobile bar comes at a price as there are professional staffing costs, the cost of alcohol and very expensive equipment

The more expensive companies, in this industry, are probably the most established and (usually) will give you the best end to end service

Premium Events

Similar to high volume, there are very few who can deliver a premium event bar. With these types of events, the budgets and the stakes are high, as there will be expectation for incredible service, drinks and aesthetics. Be very careful here. With events of this nature, your event bar supplier, should, be able to deliver anything you require from ice bars, bespoke staff uniforms, incredible themed bars, model floor staff, dry ice. Nothing should be beyond the realms of possibility. As the name suggests CRAFTBAR specialise in ‘craft’ produced drinks – beers, vodka, gin and carefully sourced wines you may not have come across before but in terms of quality knock their more well-known cousins for six. Of course, if ‘craft’ isn’t your thing we can supply the more well-known alternatives. Again, talk to us we’re very flexible and very accommodating, we’ll tailor a unique package designed to your tastes and budget and will do everything we can to make your day memorable

CRAFTBAR go that extra yard to make your wedding, 18th 21st or 65th party, corporate event or BBQ really memorable so whether you’re thinking of a full bar set-up, dry bar, cocktail bar, or cocktail/gin master class we will have it covered

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