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The worlds gone Gin mad...

What do you get if you blast juniper, coriander, camomile flowers and a chunk of meteorite into near space and then distil the ingredients back on Earth? A gin, of course. And what about if you distil whey and add a bundle of Irish woodruff? Or Cornish clotted cream? Still gin. How about if you distil an Asian flowering legume called the butterfly pea? Well, then the result is a colour-changing gin. If you add tonic, that is

The point is that the number, types and flavours of gin is ever widening, growing, innovating and changing in terms of the liquid available and the regions that are producing it. The gin market is certainly booming – a new gin pops up almost daily, and 42 new gin distilleries opened in the UK last year

Within this pool of new brands, many would be described as idiosyncratic, wacky even. That includes Moonshot Gin, made solely with botanicals that have been sent to near space, and a Christmas gin that uses an entire gingerbread house as one of its ingredients. In this pursuit for playful connection, several movements are emerging. Pink – an accessible flavour trend that has a real visual impact – is showing no signs of slowing down. Gordon’s, Beefeater, Pinkster, Edinburgh Gin, Butleigh’s and, most recently, Malfy, are operating in this space. Malfy Rosa Gin uses pink grapefruit peel for its hue rather than berry fruits

And then there are savoury gins, such as Twisted Nose Gin from Winchester Distillery which uses botanicals including watercress, lavender, and coriander. Tanqueray Lovage is a limited-edition gin, which gets its herbaceous flavour from the inclusion of English garden herb lovage

Palates are evolving, not away from classic gin styles, but people are getting increasingly intrigued by how gin could taste. As people’s tastes have evolved, they have started to naturally go towards more savoury, dry and bitter styles, for gin brands to succeed they must have a specific USP and use occasion to cut through the gin ‘noise’. Appealing to a more savoury palate and being marketed as such fits that criteria. There are an increasing number of established brands in the pink, coloured and savoury categories, including Pinkster, Edgerton and Warner Edwards, along with Boudier’s vermillion-hued Saffron Gin and Spain’s olive-and-rosemary infused Gin Mare


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