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    Craftbar is a close relative in the Bears Pantry family – Yorkshires hottest event catering company with a reputation for creating food memories, fantastic service and a no-nonsense can-do attitude. Craftbar is born out of that pedigree with the same innovative approach and principles.


    Craftbar will go that extra yard to make your wedding, 18th21stor 65thparty, corporate event or BBQ really memorable so whether you’re thinking of a full bar set-up, dry bar, cocktail bar, or cocktail/gin master class we will have it covered.

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  • Based in Leeds, we provide mobile bar hire for those wanting something specialist & distinctive for their wedding or event.


    Craft drinks are produced in small quantities, typically much smaller than large-scale corporate producers and are independently owned, they are generally characterized by their emphasis on quality, flavour and production technique. We specialise in ‘craft’ produced drinks – beers, vodka, gin and carefully sourced wines you may not have come across before but in terms of quality knock their more well-known cousins for six. Of course, if ‘craft’ isn’t your thing we can supply the more well-known alternatives. Again, talk to us we’re very flexible and very accommodating, we’ll tailor a unique package designed to your tastes and budget and will do everything we can to make your day memorable.

    What might keep you up at night is the quality of the company you choose, their experience and whether they can deliver of their promises Delivering a high quality, seamless mobile bar for a high-volume event is no easy task, but here are a few things to consider to make sure you pick right...
    January 14, 2019
    CRAFT BEER TASTES BETTER The No.1 reason why you should drink craft beer is because craft beer tastes much better than mass produced alternatives. Craft beer tastes much better because craft brewers spend their time focusing the quality of their beer rather than focusing on their marketing...
    What do you get if you blast juniper, coriander, camomile flowers and a chunk of meteorite into near space and then distil the ingredients back on Earth? A gin, of course. And what about if you distil whey and add a bundle of Irish woodruff? Or Cornish clotted cream? Still gin. How about if you...
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  • Bar Hire

    Indoor Bar

    We have worked in dozens of different venues from the most inaccessible roof top garden to the tightest office space. We have specifically designed our bars to overcome access issues and delivered memorable bar events in the most inaccessible locations. We bring a bar, a pedigree, great staff and a can-do attitude with us.

    Outdoor Bar

    We’re specialists in difficult outdoor venues. Places like barns, cow sheds, disused mills, fields, hillsides. We can serve up amazing drink experiences from any location, even ones with no facilities. Whatever the logistical challenges, we can deal with them again we bring a bar, a pedigree, great staff and a can-do attitude


    Dry Hire

    Perfect for a free bar and you control the cost, quantity and quality of drinks. We organise everything else – we supply staff, bars, glassware, fridges, back bars and all the necessary drink making equipment. We’re also happy to help with your shopping list


    PRICES START AT £450 just ask us for a detailed costing


    Full Hire

    The most popular option. We provide a full bar service using our fantastic drinks menu which includes our ‘craft’ specialities plus branded beers, cider, ale, wine, cocktails, fizz, spirit & mixers and soft drinks. We trawl the market to make sure all our drinks are priced reasonably and deliver unrivalled range and quality


    PRICES START AT £300 again let’s chat about your specific requirements and budget


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